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What is Automate.CX?

Why do I need it?

How does it work?

What is Customer Journey?

The secret of getting your automation working perfectly first time is to focus on your Customer Journey. 

That is why we start our program with the Customer Journey.  This allows you to gain a deep understanding of existing and potential customers, and hyper-personalize your interactions with them.

Click on the > “Book an Automation Strategy Session” button to see if you qualify for a FREE Customer Journey Mapping session!

I need help now to get results.

Not another coaching program!!

BizX: The company behind Automate.cx

BizX Limited is an Auckland based coaching and enablement company. We are helping businesses thrive through the changed environment after the lockdown! We do this by helping business owners pivot their business if needed, change their marketing message, and help automate and productise their business.

We worked right through the lockdown

Listen to what some of our latest lockdown customers have to say about our services through Apr-May 2020

Impact through COVID-19 lockdown since 1st Apr 2020

Number of eBooks downloaded
Number of Business owners talked to since Lockdown begun (strategy sessions)

Last updated

May 12, 2021

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