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Creating Customer Journeys that feels Human ❤​

What is Automate.CX?

  • Automate.CX® is a Step by step blueprint to transform your client's customer experiences
  • to Help you create personalized journeys for your clients
  • with a minimal investment of time on your part.

Why do I need it?

  • Automate.CX® will help you get the maximum return from your automation platform investment ...
  • to Help you align your customer experiences with the journey you want to create - from the time they are captured as a prospect to how they are nurtured and converted ...
  • and help you get where you want faster with least stress.

How does it work?

  • Automate.CX® walks you though every step of your way - with a combination of online courses and one-on-one 'Done for you' transformation
  • With the expert help, you can create the perfect nurturing and on-boarding journeys and email sequences that makes sense
  • Start the process today and be a more efficient business by end of the month

What is Customer Journey?

The secret of getting your automation working perfectly first time is to focus on your Customer Journey. 

That is why we start our program with the Customer Journey.  This allows you to gain a deep understanding of existing and potential customers, and hyper-personalize your interactions with them.

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I need help now to get results.

Not another coaching program!!

Automate.CX is different from other programs in the market. 

Everyone who is accepted into the program starts the program with guaranteed outcomes and money back guarantee.

By combining our app, our one on one sessions and ‘Done for you’ magic, you get where you want faster and with less stress. 

The best part is in the process, by the end of the program, you understand every nuts and bolts of what makes your Customer eXperience Automation and how to test / tweak / optimise it so it feels human and makes sense.

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